Accreditation and Compliance

National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) Certificate of Accreditation

Berle Transport is registered under the NHVAS for Mass Management, Fatigue and Maintenance schemes, with audits conducted every two years by a National Heavy Vehicle Regulator–accredited auditor. We pride ourselves on having a reputation built on reliability.

Accreditation and Compliance - National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme Certificate of Accreditation
Accreditation and Compliance - National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme Certificate of Accreditation

Maintenance Module

Berle Transport has developed an internal assurance process with documented procedures and record-keeping processes, to become accredited under the ‘Maintenance Management ’ module. This accreditation aims to ensure that vehicles are continually maintained in a safe and roadworthy manner.

Accreditation and Compliance - NHVAS Accredited Maintenance Module
Accreditation and Compliance - Basic Fatigue Management (BFM)

Basic Fatigue Management (BFM)

In addition to the maintenance module of NHVAS, Berle Transport is accredited under the BFM module. Berle Transport operates a compliance programme where all drivers and subcontractors are registered for the BFM module. It is the responsibility of the company to maintain appropriate records and have these records available for regular audits. This is to ensure strict compliance with driving hours and record-keeping regulations.

Mass Management

Berle transport is also accredited for Mass Management and has invested in an on-site registered weighbridge for load checking and calibration of trailer weight gauges.

Accreditation and Compliance - Mass Management
Accreditation and Compliance - Technology


  • Cooltrax vehicle monitoring for GPS and real-time temperature tracking
  • Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing software for daily Unilever load planning
  • WMS barcode, pallet and location labelling systems
  • Translogix Wise Tech transport and warehouse recording and tracking systems
  • Compac cloud-based fuel system.
Accreditation and Compliance - Technology
Accreditation and Compliance - Australian Trucking Association

Australian Trucking Association

Berle transport is a member of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA).

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